We're back!

Happy New Year and welcome to the Primal Acres website!
2017 was a year of momentous change for Primal Acres Farm! Big decisions that lead to a new job and cross county move made for a memorable year. The adventure and transition has been grand and educational in so many ways. I put myself on a Facebook hiatus since last summer simply because I was burnt out from managing a few FB pages that kept me constantly leashed to my phone…..but I’ve missed it,… (the sharing, not the leash!)
We started the farm originally because we wanted to eat and live cleaner and closer to the land, that hasn’t changed. What has changed is our location, now almost 1000 miles north just outside a small, crunchy college town that runs along the Potomac River. We have a house in the woods that we love, and more land than we had previously, but are starting from scratch with everything else. 2018 will be a big learning year again for us as we are currently knee deep in home interior rejuvenation and will be building a new garden from the ground up come spring. Stick around while we learn to live and garden in the woods while trying to hold back the local abundant wildlife from our tasty edibles. We are down to just 2 dogs and a mischievous cat these days, but plan to add back a few helpful homestead creatures when the time is right.
I have always felt strongly that “Primal Acres” was our mindset and lifestyle and not the land, so we will continue to use the name for our new property. We have recently renewed our vows and re-doubled our efforts to eat clean and be healthy, and it feels oh so good to be back on track. Looking forward to a great year, good energy and sharing the fun and the things we learn along the way!


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